adventures of sherlock holmesWe’re centrally located right here at 220 west 30th Street … a stone’s throw from Madison Square Garden.


aerosmithTranscending the centuries (the 20th & 21st) like the Media Whirlwind they are !!!!!!

Clockwork Complicated …

February 25, 2015

clockwork Deutsches_Uhrenmuseum_2117_(Junghans)The workings of cutting edge media can get as complicated as a clockwork.  Let Media Duplication NYC help you unravel the mystery of media in the 21st century.

Round up Time

February 24, 2015

Cowboy throwing lassoWhen it’s time to round up all your out of date audio & video media and convert it to the 21th Century give us a call at 212.594.2777.  “Head em Up … Move em Out”

How many times do I have to tell you It’s at 220 West 30th street between 7th & 8th1417059082259

the future next exitThe future of Media is right around the corner … Let Media Duplication help you turn that corner.

1421026649952But there is no argument as to the best Media Duplication in New York … It’s Media Duplication NYC at 220 West 30th Street.

Mill River Flood of 1874We’re located right here at 220 West 30th Street in New York City … a stone’s throw from Madison Square Garden.

The Red White & Blues Band

February 18, 2015

Red White & Blues Band backThese Guys Rock… Here is their latest release “All American”

Bette & Bob 1975

February 17, 2015

BDnuggetsFr copyThe Late Great Moogy Klingman produced this album back in 1975 with Bob & Bette … it’s a rare gem indeed.  Moogy was a great musician and a friend of ours.  He played gigs right up to the end and even reunited with Todd Rundgren & Utopia in January 2011.  He passed away later that year.  Way too soon.