Frozen Fountain


1423604630567You don’t need Sherlock Holmes to find it … We’re right here at 220 West 30th Street in New York City …

Joan Jett

February 12, 2015

1423708556577Having worked with Joan on

pre-production demos back in the 80’s in my studio Safe Sound in NYC I can say for sure she is one of a kind and unduplicatable.

4 Mop Tops

February 11, 2015

4 mop topsNow if only they could be duplicated that would save the music business once again … !!!

thingstocome1024x768A great old movie by H.G.Wells & Alexander Korda … “Things to Come.”  I wonder what H.G. Wells take would be on the next  100 years.

The Blues Brothers …

February 9, 2015

the blues brothersTwo Of A Kind

Howler Monkeys

February 6, 2015

howler monkeysSomethings you may not want to duplicate !!!

A Great Turntable …

February 5, 2015

b&o turntableA great turntable was state of the art for music in the 20th century … Let Media Duplication NYC get your collection up to speed for the 21st Century.

steve & billThe Steve & Bill Show

Don’t get trapped …

February 3, 2015

trapsLet Media Duplication NYC help get you out of that trap …