Step Right Up … !!!

March 17, 2015

carnival  Let Media Duplication eliminate the risk of have your multi-media files left to a game of chance … We’re right here at 220 West 30th street to help you with all your multi-media needs.

big fish eats the little fish  Let Media Duplication NYC

keep you safe in the treacherous waters of the Multi-Media world …

The opening day of the Empire State Building, 1931 We’re right down there on thirtieth street between avenue 7th & 8th.

dancingCheck out our website for our great prices and services and you will feel like dancing also !!!

far awayIf space travel is not in your immediate future you can always visit Media Duplication NYC at 220 West 30th Street …

Fretboard …

March 6, 2015

fret boardThere’s no need to “Fret” as long as you use Media Duplication NYC for all your important media projects.

ice filled hudson riverLet’s Skate over to Brooklyn

Stars Wars …

March 4, 2015

original Star Wars on May 25, 1977The original Star Wars  movie was released on on May 25, 1977.  It hard to  believe that this is seven years before Steve Jobs released the first Apple computer.  The media has really taken off since then.

best choiceMedia Duplication NYC … the Best Choice for all your

multi-media needs in this ever changing media landscape.